"Every track starts with
a single strong idea."

-Hannes Bieger

"Every track starts with
a single strong idea."

-Hannes Bieger
Yuki Portrait

Hey friends, I'm Yuki.

I'm writing to share the story of how my music
production studio came to be.

After years of playing music, I stumbled upon the field of music production and immediately fell head over heels in love with it.

I spent countless nights learning post-production techniques, setting up my studio, collaborating with artists, and interning at various recording studios. It was a lot of hard work, but I loved every moment of it.

Yuki Portrait 2

After just one year, I was accepted into the pretigious Berklee College of Music in Boston with a scholarship. It was like a dream come true for any musician, and student life in Boston was magical as it was my first time stepping out of Asia and living alone.

What made it even more exciting was making friends from all over the world!

But something just didn't feel right. University life there was not what I wanted. It seemed too far removed from the realistic music market of Asia and my country. It was a difficult decision, but I evenrtually decided to quit.

In March 2023, I was invited to record panio for a whole EP in the poetic city of Kyoto. It was a huge step for me, and I finally found peace during a time of uncertainty. As I played those keys, I wondered...why not just create my own music production studio?

Yuki Portrait 3
And that's how PlainW Studio was born.
This is a space where musicians can come together and create magic!

My journey was filled with ups and downs,
but I'm proud of where I am today. I hope my story inspires you to follow
your dreams, no matter what anyone says.
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"Love Never Feel So Good" - Michael Jackson

Mixed, Mastered

"Flash" - Perfume

Re-arranged, Produced, Mixed, Mastered

"Amnesia Invocada" - Viniloversus


"Samba de Verão" - Marcos Valle

Re-arranged, Piano, Mixed

"好像愛這個世界啊" - 華晨宇

Piano, Mixed

"Sci-Fi Atmosphere" - Yuki Loh

Composed, Produced, Mixed

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